EXS Regular

Width : 56mm (65mm flared head)
Length : 196mm
Thickness : 0.073mm

EXS Regular Comfy Fit is the most widely sold of the EXS range of condoms. The Comfy Fit has a great feel and Stimulates your partner.

EXS Regular Condom Safety

EXS Regular condoms are 100% electronically tested and have the European CE Mark and the British Standard Kite Mark for condom testing. EXS condoms have a specially designed flared tip which has been shown to prevent condom breakage.

EXS Regular Comfy Fit Р additional features

The extra latex on the wide flared tip provides more comfort and stimulation for your partner.
There is no Latex Smell.
Silicone Lubricated For Comfort.
Suitable for vaginal, oral or anal sex
Supplied to the NHS since 1993
Sold in 27 countries throughout the world.

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