EXS Girls Mix (3)

Specification: Width 56mm Thickness 0.072mm Length 195mm

Description: Contains 3 CE, and Kite Marked Regular 56mm Flared Condoms in a Fun Girly Design circular foil. Great Fun with the usual EXS condom quality.

The EXS Flared Tip
EXS Condoms have a unique design, featuring a special flared tip for extra comfort and easy-on fitting. No other condom feels as close or as comfortable.

Exceeding safety standards
All EXS condoms exceed ISO safety standards, are manufactured in regularly inspected factories and display both the CE and British Kite Mark.

No latex smell, no latex flavour
EXS condoms are odourless and tasteless, providing a subtle yet powerful form of protection.

Established in 1993, the EXS brand is the fastest growing brand in Europe. Based in the UK and owned exclusively by LTC Healthcare Ltd, the EXS range is diverse, safe, and above all, fun!

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